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Again, there's a hacker posting crap on other peoples account, (or so I've been told) so keep alert and spread the word.
GR: Anguirus
The Third Kaiju

Height: 30 metres
length: 145 metres
weight: 25,000 metric tons
Serizawa Scale: Class 2

Armoured hide: Anguirus has many plates of armour across his body, with four prominent plates on his back. These plates are extremely sturdy, and damage to these plates have never been witnessed. Below his plates are two rows of toughened scales, adding to his durability. Conventional weaponry has shown no effect on Anguirus, however he has been heavily injured by conventional and alien weaponry, such as his encounter with the Moeg'ueroids.
Agility: Anguirus is surprisingly manoeuvrable, able to easily keep up with king Caesar.
Burrowing: Anguirus has shown limited burrowing capabilities, but only using it if needs be.

In 1955, only three months after the death of Godzilla, a third monster appeared in otaku, dubbed 'Anguirus'. The monster caused mass panic and evacuation, and then it preceded to eat the largest shrubbery. The third kaiju caused the government to start a sub group focussed on anti-kaiju measures, which they dubbed the 'Anti Kaiju Unit', or the 'A.K.U.' for short. After hundreds of tanks where placed and aimed at the kaiju, the land began to shake, as if Anguirus was moving, but further spaced out. When they stopped, a roar covered the land, a roar which placed everyone in a 3 mile radius in as state of dread. A roar coming from the very kaiju that people had been celebrating the demise of for months. Godzilla had arrived. It was soon found out that it was a different monster from the 1954 attacker, which was not good news. The two colossals stared at each other for a moment, and then something unexpected happened. They fought. They behaved less like monsters, and more like animals, which makes sense now, but originally many people believed that they where evil beings. Anguirus rammed into Godzilla, and Godzilla ripped at the back of Anguirus's fore back plates. They clawed at each other for hours, but eventually Godzilla prevailed.

Anguirus didn't appear for years later, but acted less hostile towards Godzilla, almost as if their initial fight wasn't a territorial one, but rather of superiority. Anguirus has proved to be a low threat, but can be fierce if provoked. When Anguirus is not on Mondo Island, Anguirus is usually found around Mexico, where he has claimed as territory. Interestingly, studies on Anguirus in the mid-late 90s have found unclassifiable minerals in Anguirus's throat.

After Thoughts
Geez, has it been four months already? Let's scrap my upload schedule, I'll do these whenever. Next one could be up next year, but I doubt it. Anyway, this is my first completely digital piece, and I've used a new shading method, which both work well.
I enjoy criticism, so say what you will. Also, Sorry about the quality, my bad.
Happy Mothers Day and all that stuff.

Anguirus and Godzilla are property of Toho.Co
Design is property of me, so don't use it without permission.

Up Next: Rodan
Tagged by kahnac, but on request because I was a bit too impatient. Btw, thanks to him!

1. What was the very first Godzilla movie you saw?
A: Well, it was actually 2014 (Unless you count '98 which I don't).

2. What are your favorite designs of Godzilla?
A: I'm a huge fan of Shin, but I need to see the movie before I will do any art.

3. What are your favorite kaiju in the series besides Godzilla himself?
A: My absolute favourite is Gigan, but biollante and Hedorah are close

4. What are your brutally honest thoughts on the 1998 film?
A: Like I said before, I don't consider it a Godzilla movie, and find the writing quite 'eh', but I do quite enjoy Zilla as his own character.

5. Your favorite Godzilla movies?
A: This is very basic, but my favourites are GMK, Destoroyah and '54.

6. What do you think of Godzilla: The Series?
A: It was quite entertaining, actually. I watched the entire series, but I still got angry at myself when i accidentally called him Godzilla once or twice.

7. What kaiju would you like to see make a resurgence into the series again?
A: Hedorah, Gorosaurus, Biollante or Anguirus. They just have to.

8. What are your favorite Godzilla video games?
A: I only have Unleashed and the respective Ds game, so I would have to say that, unless you count Gdbr, which I find myself on much more frequently.

9. What did you think of the Godzilla Power Hour show?
A: It was too cheesy, even for Godzilla.

10. Who are your favorite recurring actors for the series?
A: Akihiko Hirata, who has a surprising amount of films under his belt.

11. Favorite unmade/scrapped creations?
A: Berserk. Idw why, I just do.

12. Who is the best music composer in the films?
A: Akira Ifukube, which seems to be the obvious choice.

13. Are you looking forward to seeing the Godzilla anime movie this year?
A: Yes. I'm a fan of anime, and have no idea why this hasn't been done before. Seriously though, Final Wars would have worked much better as an anime.

14. Are you also looking forward to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and its next follow-up Godzilla vs. Kong?
A: Yes. Although KoM is higher on my list, I just think Kong fighting Godzilla has always been a bit dumb, but since Kong won last time, they are in dire need of a rematch.

15. What do you think of both versions of Return of Godzilla and 1985?
A: I don't know, I haven't been able to watch either of them.

16. Would you consider Godzilla to be part of the Marvel universe given that it there was a series that chronicles him and he fought the Avengers?
A: Yes, but only the Godzilla canon that happened in the comic series.

17. What other monsters would you like to see Godzilla fight against?
A: Bagan. All of them, but especially Bagan.

18. What is the lamest kaiju to be part of the Godzilla series?
A: Minilla.

19. What franchises would you like to see have a crossover with Godzilla?
A: I've never really cared for crossovers, but Gamera, I guess.

20. What is absolute WORST Godzilla movie you saw?
A: Megaguirus. The righting was quite inconsistent, and the only thing I really liked about it was the fact that they brought the Meganulons back, and that Godzilla attacked with his dorsal fins once. I haven't seen All Monsters Attack or Son, and even Hedorah's fun for a laugh. But this was just bad. And the black hole thing was DUMB.

I'll tag TrendormanITorchedu and lemansspyroew, all good watchers of mine.



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